Increase Listenership & Retention

The five to eight minute vignettes have been created to encompass a wide range of subject matter, including news, sports, humor and observations possessed of a decidedly Midwestern flavor. The show has garnered listeners from coast to coast and among the ladies and gentlemen serving nobly as service men and women in our armed forces. The subject matter of some of the shows is focused, while others embrace an otherworldly range.

The shows are created daily and distributed in a format employed to provide you with your daily dose of Watkins’ Word outside of the traditional radio medium.  If you enjoy senseless banter and sponsor-induced commentary, do not listen to Watkins’ Word.

The show has garnered consistently favorable impressions from its listeners and has established itself as a portal through which the common sensibilities of those outside of the money center cities can be heard with a modicum of respect and a great deal of irreverence. The show combines thought-provoking intellectual insight and disclosures coupled with what might best be described as an extreme prescription of dry humor in an edgy fashion.

Al Watkins serves as the voice from the heartland. Watkins’ Word, the final word … until tomorrow.

Recent radio stations that have signed on to Watkins Word

  • KYRO 1280 AM Troy, Missouri
  • WINI 1420 AM Carbondale, Illinois
  • KFAV 99.9 FM Warrenton, Missouri
  • KHTS 1220 AM Santa Clarita, California